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A Lady Bird Deed, also known as an Enhanced Life Estate Deed, is a type of deed used in Michigan (and some other states) to transfer real property to one or more recipients while retaining certain rights to use and possess the property during the grantor’s lifetime. The main advantage of a Lady Bird Deed is that it allows the grantor to retain control over the property during their lifetime while also providing for a smooth transfer of ownership upon their death, without the need for probate. This can be an effective tool in estate planning, as it can help to avoid the time and expense of probate and ensure that the property is transferred according to the grantor’s wishes.

A lady bird deed is often an ideal method of transferring real estate if there are only one or two grantees. Care has to be taken however where one or more of the recipients of the property have difficulty getting along with the other recipients. This can sometimes lead to disagreements regarding whether to keep or sell the property. In situations where all of the recipients get along however, a lady bird deed can be a very useful estate planning tool.

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