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Many insurance agents advertise that they offer estate planning as one of the many services they provide for their clients. Others sometimes offer retirement planning as part of their services. Although an insurance agent can provide advice and insight regarding any insurance policies that might be needed as part of a comprehensive estate plan, that is only part of the plan. An agent or insurance company that indicates that they can provide an entire estate plan should be avoided. Sometimes clients can find themselves in unsuitable investments or spending more many than is necessary if they follow just one approach regarding the estate plan.

A professionally prepared estate plan often requires the assistance of numerous professionals to complete all parts of the plan. An attorney is necessary to draft dispositive documents such as wills, trusts and deeds. An accountant is sometimes needed to provide tax planning for more complicated plans. Financial planners are almost always recommend to ensure that clients’ investments are properly balanced and protected as they age towards and into retirement.

In short, a comprehensive estate plan frequently needs more than the services of just one professional or agent.

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